Landscaping and lawn maintenance

Sometimes grass and weeds can grow faster than your landscaping budget. But in the long run, neglecting your commercial or residential property could mean hefty expenses down the road and decreasing property values over time. At First Source Property Management, we provide monthly and seasonal landscaping and lawn maintenance programs to help you meet the growing needs of your great outdoors and your business.

We do our job so you can focus on yours

You spent months building your business and part of that progress was planning how it would look. Just like a business, landscaping requires a good plan, dedicated time, and constant maintenance. That’s why we offer the unique service of property management, including comprehensive lawn and landscaping services and outdoor maintenance for every season.

Lawn care

You’ve probably encountered those “mow and go” lawn care companies and thought that would do the trick. Anyone can mow your grass, but only First Source Property Management will manicure your lawn. We offer quality and affordable services. We care for your lawn the right way, avoiding mowing when conditions aren’t right and providing these services at every stop:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Weed eating
  • Edging
  • Fertilizing
  • Blowing
  • Debris removal


Mulch has many added benefits as well as adding to the aesthetic appeal of your landscaping. It’s proven to reduce water evaporation and helps keep your beds moist longer in order to minimize water consumption between 25-50%. It also stops weeds from growing and spreading and helps maintain a consistent soil temperature throughout all seasons. Mulch is a great way to keep your landscaping looking healthy and a sensible solution for protecting plants. Applying an adequate layer of mulch each year will help protect the investment of your beautiful landscape plants.


Keep those trees and shrubs in check with regular pruning. Not only does this help your plants look their best, but it keeps them healthy for years to come. As part of our regular maintenance schedule, we’ll check all trees, bushes, and shrubs for health as well as give them a nice shape for the upcoming season.

Seasonal planting

Want mums in the fall? Poinsettias in the winter? We can help your landscaping look maintained and festive year-round. Just ask and we’ll identify a few spots in your flower beds or provide planters that can be switched and rotated seasonally with plants that thrive in that weather.

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