Lawn Care Services

Who wants to take valuable time away from your business to do yard work?

First Source Property Management provides lawn mowing in Wilmington for both commercial and residential properties. Our goal is to leave your lawn and landscaping look better than ever while saving you the time and hassle.

We believe a big component of having a thriving business is its curb appeal. Regular mowing can help you maintain a manicured lawn that looks both professional and inviting.

Our lawn care process

We don’t just mow and go. When we’re at your property, our experience crew members take their time to properly care for your lawn so it can grow beautifully all season long.


We mow all turf areas – flat land, hills, ditches, and more. We always adjust mower height to minimize weed growth and we always sharpen our blades to get the best possible cut. All of our equipment is well maintained and reliable.

Trimming and edging

No need to worry about your business signage, outdoor lighting, trees, or other obstacles. We string trim around anything our commercial mowers can’t get. We also use gas-powered edgers for clean lines around driveways, parking lots, patios, and sidewalks for a clean, professional look.

Clean up and debris removal

Before we’re done, we will blow off all grass clippings, leaves, sticks, and other natural debris from walkways and other surfaces. We can remove larger sticks and other things that create a visual clutter, too. There’s nothing like leaving you with a nice, manicured lawn!

Mowing schedule

We can work with you on a routine lawn care schedule that works for your business. Our team can recommend a schedule based on the size of your property and the type of lawn and landscaping that you have. We’re happy to provide short or long-term services.

Schedule a consultation today to ensure your lawn is maintained!