Landscaping Services

Landscape design is one of the first steps to beautifying your home or business. Well-designed and maintained landscaping increases your property value and significantly improves curb appeal. First Source Property Management is a full-service landscaping company that serves the Wilmington area.

Landscape design

Are you ready to spruce up your outdoor space but don’t know where to start? Work with one of our experienced landscape designers to create the look and style you desire. Our specialists tailor designs, installations, and maintenance to fit your budget.


For quick results, consider asking First Source Property Management to lay sod outside your business. We install top quality sod that is established through regular watering. It smooth process that takes little time – at least a lot less than growing new grass! This is perfect for new construction properties.

Shrub and tree installation

Whether you’re operating out of a new construction or simply want to add some privacy to your property, shrub and tree installation could be a solution for you. Without these natural elements, properties can look empty. We can select shrubs and trees that are a natural fit for your landscape and install them so that they establish healthy growth.

Grading and drainage

Do you have issues with standing water or water that finds its way to places it really shouldn’t? The grade of the land around your business might need to be adjusted or you could use a good drainage system installation. This is important for maintaining the integrity of the foundation and even the basement of your building. We can also partner with contractors on construction projects to take a proactive approach to erosion control.

Mulch and pine straw

Mulch and pine straw can freshen up your landscaping and keep it looking nice season after season. You can’t go wrong with either choice, but our team of experts can help you decide which option works best for you. Both can promote healthy soil and make your plants really pop.

Outdoor and landscape lighting

Do you want to showcase your building even after the sun goes down? Our proven experience, as well as knowledge in new lighting technologies, can help you pick out the perfect outdoor and landscape lighting. We install unobtrusive lighting solutions that illuminate the best features of your property.


We can install an irrigation system that regularly waters your landscaping and lawn. This is the best way to ensure your grass stays green and your plants receive thorough watering, especially during the warmer months. Irrigation also protects against overwatering, saving you money on your monthly.

Learn more about our landscaping sevices by scheduling a consultation today!